What are the benefits?

Devolution is an opportunity to bring decisions closer to where they have an impact, and to get a fairer share to help to close the gap in public investment in the East Midlands, so we can see more economic growth and new and better jobs.

We can build on our region’s existing knowledge and expertise, for example in transport and green technology, promoting the growth of a future low carbon economy by investing in related skills training at colleges and other training facilities.

By playing to our strengths and tailoring our approach to the needs of our area, we can encourage economic growth and make sure local people benefit. Devolution also means we can take advantage of economies of scale by using combined and devolved budgets to deliver more value for taxpayers and more cost-efficient services.

Our vision is for the people who live and work here to be better connected, more competitive, and more prosperous within an inclusive CCA area at the heart of the country, our priorities for delivering this are:

1. Our homes

2. Our skills

3. Our transport infrastructure

4. Our net zero ambition

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