More and better jobs

As a Combined County Authority, we would work collaboratively with employers, skill providers and local authorities to make sure people have opportunities to develop key skills and access opportunities to work well and build fulfilling careers. This will also help the creation of a strong and sustainable local economy.

Devolution means we’d get more say locally, and get to make decisions about our area, in our area. For example, we’d have a fully devolved adult skills budget, which means we’d no longer be constrained by rules set nationally on what we can use adult education funding for – only on specific age groups, for instance – and could instead tailor this to the needs of people in our communities.

We could help this funding be available to the people who need it, so they can fulfil their potential and help them get the jobs they want. We’d also help employers hire people with the skills they need by addressing the skills gap, by removing barriers to better paid work.

We can play to our strengths in research and industry, including aerospace, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and energy, as well as make the most of opportunities in the future.