Public consultation results and next steps

A public consultation was held from 14 November 2022 to 9 January 2023.

The results of the consultation have now been published. 

All four councils voted to accept the results of the consultation in March 2023. Following the Royal Assent of the Levelling Up and Regeneration Act 2023 in October 2023, the devolution proposal was submitted to Government on 1 st November 2023. 

You can read the final devolution proposals here. 

Provisional timeline 

  • August 2022: Government offers devolution deal
  • Oct – Nov 2022: Detailed proposal developed
  • Nov 22 – Jan 2023: Consultation
  • Spring 2023: Results of consultation considered by four councils, final decision taken to move forward with the proposals
  • Autumn 2023: Councils to decide whether to approve draft statutory instrument (legal basis)
  • Late 2023: Statutory instrument would go to Parliament
  • Early 2024: Statutory instrument would get Royal Assent
  • Spring 2024: New East Midlands Combined County Authority would come into existence.
  • May 2024: First election for regional mayor would take place

Below you will find videos from public consultation meetings held as part of the consultation.